for forensic and legal applications

Graphic Workshop Professional is a powerful image management package with applications in forensic hard drive analysis and evidence gathering and preparation. It is widely used by law enforcement agencies around the world.

Graphic Workshop Professional will run under any contemporary version of Microsoft Windows™.

Supported by an extensive, searchable reference document and tutorial – and Alchemy Mindworks' expert staff – Graphic Workshop Professional can deal with a wide range of image-handling challenges.

Its key features include:

  • View and convert over 50 popular formats, including GIF, JPG and AOL (Johnson Grace) ART files.
  • Thumbnail and browse suspect hard drives over a network without writing to them, or modifying any files or relevant settings.
  • Search the entire tree structure of suspect hard drives for graphic files, and view or process the results.
  • Print graphics in any supported format, one to a page or as multiple-image contact sheets.
  • Apply a rich library of image processing and enhancement filters to improve the readability of marginal or deliberately degraded images.
  • Browse and preview most popular digital video files.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Stable, reliable performance – Graphic Workshop has almost two decades of history, and is a mature, robust application.
  • Cost effective.
  • Fully functional downloadable "try before you buy" evaluation version to make sure Graphic Workshop will perform for your requirements.
  • No-cost software support.

A more complete list of Graphic Workshop Professional's features can be found at the consumer web page for this product.

Graphic Workshop Professional costs $44.99 (US) per license, plus applicable shipping. It's available on CD-ROM, and for electronic delivery. Site license discounts are available.

If you're facing a deadline, contact us for immediate rush order processing.

We invite you to download an evaluation copy of Graphic Workshop Professional. Click on any one of the following links to initiate a download.


The downloadable installer can be used to install either an evaluation copy or a fully-functional copy of this application. A dialog will appear during the installation procedure to request a registration code – if you wish to install this software for evaluation, click on Evaluate in this dialog.

The following are guides and white papers for commonly-encountered forensic procedures using Graphic Workshop Professional. They include step-by-step instructions to help you get up to speed with this software in the shortest possible time.

White paper: Thumbnailing a Suspect Hard Drive
White paper: Identifying Mystery Files on a Suspect Hard Drive
White paper: Recovering Partial Files
White paper: Searching for Files on a Suspect Hard Drive
White paper: Printing a Contact Sheet of a Folder of Images
White paper: Macintosh Graphic Formats
White paper: Multiple-Image Graphics
White paper: Image Processing and Enhancement

If you have any questions about Graphic Workshop, we invite you to send us some e-mail.

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